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the atlanta falcons. kron 4 scott has more on quarterback alex smith who suffer add concussion in the game. >> well, fans and players out here at candle stick park really hoping that alex smith's concussion is not bad and that he can return to the field for it next week's contest. jim speaking in a press conference today says that he was happy with the production of capper nick. >> this was one of two different hits that might have cost quarterback alex smith to come out of today's game afterway through the second quarter with a concussion. smith scrambling to the sidelines just before turning his back takes a big hit from rams line backer joe dunn bar. that was in the first quarter then this in the second quarter on a fourth and one qb sneak he puts his head down and runs right into the pile there. doctors also say that that hit krouf contribute today his concussion. now, fans out here are hoping that alex can bounce back and even though today's game ended up in a tie they say they forgot backup. >> feel sorry for him. i hope he's okay, but cappernick got to step up. >> since he has a con
-minute playback. wow. good morning, everyone. welcome to "weekends with alex witt." let's get to what's happening right now out there. we have some new numbers today. as retailers begin to calculate black friday sales and whether it paid off to open on thanksgiving. all that, plus today is small business saturday, and cyber monday, of course, happens in just two days. nbc's michelle franzen is in n manhattan. >> alex, we've gotten through the first wave, the black friday, include being the early start that began on thanksgiving evening. so how did everything turn out? well, retailers say so far, so good. they saw a wave of people coming through, a rush of shoppers going through those doors on that thanksgiving night. that took away a little bit from the crowds on that friday morning. but they were still out in force. national retail federation actually says 5 million viewer shoppers are expected this holiday weekend start. that's the thursday through sunday, about 147 million are expected. but, overall this holiday, retail sales are expected to go up just over 4%. that will be good news for ret
again monday night. "weekends with alex witt" starts now. >>> shock and gone. the cia director and four-star general david petraeus abruptly resigned because of an extramarital affair. there's new information this morning. >>> the fiscal cliff. is the u.s. closer to the edge of an economic disaster, or is there room for compromise? and we compare what the president and the gop house leader said. >>> spending spree. new signs today that the economy is on the upswing, and you might be driving it. good morning, everyone. welcome to "weekends with alex witt," let's get to what's happening right now out there as we have new information today on the shocking resignation of cia director david petraeus. we have now learned the fbi opened an investigation into his biographer, paula broadwell, for allegedly accessing petraeus' e-mails. all this just a week before the general was set to testify before congress on the benghazi attack. joining me now is greg miller, national security correspondent for "the washington post." greg, what a morning. let's get right to it. i'd like to hear the latest tha
. i'm alex witt. coming up this hour, shopping lines or picket lines. thousands of walmart employees plan to strike just as the holiday retail season kicks off. coming up, one woman who is ready to trade in her $8.90 an hour for a picket line. >>> the 86th annual thanksgiving day parade, there's new balloons joining the fleet. live along the parade route with about 3 million other people out there. >>> and celebrations continue in gaza, as the hamas-israeli cease-fire holds. how long will the hold last. >>> our top story this hour, what everyone wants to know about, the weather. millions of people are going to be hitting the roads, the runways and the malls over the next 72 hours, so what can we expect out there from mother nature. we've got the latest information. so what say you, bill? >> the afternoon football game, very important, too. the after-dinner trump, everybody's rolling around. today, a lot better than yesterday. yesterday we had the horrible fog in chicago and st. louis. the only spot i heard the fog was really bad this morning is right around detroit. these are the pic
with alex witt" starts now. >>> all-out sprint. three days to the election and both the president and mitt romney on a nonstop sweep of critical swing states. new this morning a fresh poll in two of those key states. we've got live coverage ahead. >>> our other big story of the morning, the aftermath of sandy. an outcry forces the new york marathon's cancellation. millions remain without power, while many are without access to food and water. we've got a live update in minutes. >>> plus the gas crisis. people still waiting in lines for hours, so how long will it last? and is this any solution in sight? good morning, everyone. welcome to "weekends with alex witt." and welcome here to the kickoff of msnbc's live coverage from demosthenes plaza. we'll be right here in rockefeller center in new york city from now until election day and through the results night on tuesday. we're going to have more on that in just a moment. but first here's what's happening right now. it is a sprint to the finish, a huge weekend for both campaigns. president obama and mitt romney crisscrossing the country in a
in the altercation. several were injured. at least three were arrested. >>> coming up is the alex smith era over for the 49ers? and tempers flare at the garden as boston and brooklyn mix it up in the nba. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. >>> good evening, everybody. it's official who will start for the 49ers at quarterback sunday in st. louis. look at the crowd that turned out today for harbaugh to say, i'd say 99% of the folk who is care about this stuff knew that it'd be collin kaepernick and that alex smiths was going to have to sit. harbaugh
saying that. >> this is where alex smith still was playing in the game until sided with a concussion. >> doing much better, he had a good night sleep. and the symptoms were positive >> as far as next monday verses the chicago bears? >> as far as when alex smith. >> before the the forty- niners quarterback can do that he has to offer:the concussion protocol at this point he must be examined by independent neurologist. and if he can pass that, he can have a non-contact practice and then going through a contact-practice before he can play on monday night. >> we will let it play out and there is a progression and devaluations that have to be gone through. before we really know anything. haazig madyun >> let us take a closer look at the bat hit. nearly everybody who thought that a concussion was causing. what jim harbaugh said this is what caused the blurred vision. first let us take a closer look that the cat. right here. smith got popped added that it -- that hit.. and the coalition in the slow motion halt his head went sideways and down. he did stay in the game and the second play this
that was supposed to feature two of the top ranked defenses in the nfl, the 49ers without alex smith, jumped all over the bears, winning 32-7. back up quarterback was terrific out dueling jason campbell. 243 yards, 2 touchdowns, while the 49ers rolled. coming up, gary will have highlights and more on the question, will he start next week over alex myth -- smith. >>> a 65-year-old woman kidnapped sexually assaulted, left by the road, the suspect only 14 and today we are getting our first look at him. still photos were allowed in court today. he made his first court appearance. they will try hip as an adult because -- try him as an adult. he approached the woman, kidnapped, sexually assaulted her, she was left on the side of the road and found hours later. the suspect was caught when he went back to the crime scene. >> terisa estacio reports. >> reporter: he seemed relaxed as he stood by his attorney during the hearing. the judge allowed still photos to be taken. when asked how to pronounce his name he spoke up quickly and confidently. when bail was announced he smiled. and then looked down to hid
, column kaepernick started in place cap alex smith. and victory. phillipe djegal spoke with whether or not a quarterback controversy is brewing. >> will be the san francisco 49ers starting quarterback going forward? alex smith, colin kaepernick. >> right now, it looks like the irish sports but in san francisco have a clear favorite. >> kaepernick came through and got the job done. >> and he more or less outplayed. >> despite being up double digits fans were intense watching the end of the new orleans saints and 49ers king. with difficult defense, the 49ers pulled out a victory no. 8. >> you kind of look like alex smith. >> i know but there has to be more than ridiculously good looking like touchdowns. >> is there a controversy? when there is no controversy, kaepernick is the man. alex smith has had his time but he cannot hang. >> kaepernick was all smiles. and so were fans they say that kaepernick showed poise. >> alex had a difficult start kaepernick is having an amazing spostart but it is longevity. >> this year, alex smith has completed 7% of his passes with 13 touchdowns. 70% --
. but first, off eight by week forty- niners quarterback alex smith suffers a concussion we have the latest on the injury that took cam out of the game. >> fans and players at candlestick park are hoping that alex smith is able to return to the field of next week. jim harbaugh spoke in a press conference that he was happy with the production. this was one of two different hits that could have cost alex smith. halfway out of the second quarter. that could have caused-alex smith. -he took a big hit from the other team. and this, from the second quarter. a queuand he runs right into the pile and they also say that that could have contributed to his current concussion. fans are hoping that alex can bounce back. even though it is tied. >> i feel sorry for him i hope that he is okay. but cabinet. >> since the has a concussion i hope that he will be going better. >> he has to step up and play the game like knows that he can. >> i hope the gets better, assumed. it runs the next game for the 49ers will against the chicago bears. reporting at candlestick park, kron 4. >> team coverage continues with
with no suspect of what he could look like. contra costa county, kron 4 j. r. stone. >> alex smith is recovering from a concussion this evening. he had to be pulled from yesterday's game haazig madyun on the injury. >> i do not want him out there with blurred vision. >> blurred vision that is what alex smith suffered after being tackled sunday versus the st. louis rams coach jim harbaugh says that he was suffering from a concussion. >> then is when we brought in a doctor, immediately. >> not quite immediately as alex smith still stayed in the game >> yes he is doing better he has a good night's sleep. and his symptoms were positive. >> as for the positive starter a >> it all depends really on when alex is cleared to come back to practice. >> before the forty-niners can do that he has to undergo the concussion protocol. fit is a four-day process that can only begin once san comes of the concussions subside. he must be examined by an independent neurologist. if he passes that, he can participate in a non-contact practice with his team. then has to get through a contact practice session. >> there w
of the president. that is the best new diplomatic thing in the world today. "weekends with alex witt" starts now. >>> on the brink. fighting escalates in the middle east. what's the u.s. role if it turns into a ground war? we discuss it next. >>> let's make a deal. the latest in talks to avoid the fiscal cliff. should we believe lawmakers will get it done and get it done soon? >>> new twists. the two women behind the falls of america's top spy and how they ended up at the white house on more than one occasion. the saga continues. good morning, everyone, welcome to "weekends with alex witt," we're going to get to what's happening right now out there as we have breaking news on the escalating and deadly crisis in the middle east as it enters its fourth day. overnight explosions could be seen, you see them there, over the gaza skyline. israeli officials say a rocket from gaza injured three soldiers today. israel expanded its air assault, bombing the prime minister's compound and other official buildings. the assault also killed a hamas commander. in israel troops are gathering at t
of this possible break in the ceasefire. what do you know on that? >> reporter: good morning, alex. palestinian medical services have identified the body of a 23-year-old they say was killed by israeli gunshots as he and about 3,300 other people approach the gaza/israel border. now generally speaking israel and gaza border is mostly farmland. there is an area that is about 300 meters or so that the israeli have declared a no-go zone. that has been used to attack israeli border posts and attempts to kidnap israeli soldiers. for the most part they are aware that is a no-go zone. following the truce signed on wednesday, it was unclear whether that no-go zone was still in effect and whether it was imposed or not. so this morning a group of palestinian farmers and others, because a as we mentioned that area is farmland, tried to approach the fence. there was a protest there. and that's when the shots happened. now palestinian medical sources say -- i should say palestinian factions say this is a violation of the ceasefire. they are not going to retaliate at this time but they will he can press a com
harbaugh decided to start collin kaepernick even though alex smith was declared ready to play. smith was activity, frustrate, and ready to play. kaepernick got the 49ers on the board first. alex can't be too thrilled. drew brings, carving up the niners early, finding gol son for the t.d. but he also threw it to the wrong team. brooks, the pick six, 50 yards on the return. look at him go. niners with the momentum, 14 apiece at the half. niners capitalize early in the second half, kaepernick to frank gore, first t.d. of the year, worth a little dance. next drive, brees to golson with the hit, winter has the ball. 42 yards the other way. 49ers, three touchdowns in a span of three minutes and come up with a huge road victory, 31-21. >> played well. and a tough environment, he acquitted himself very well. i thought he did a great job with managing the game, calling the game, and moving the team in and out of the huddle. >> mike: raiders and bengals. carson palmer returns to cincinnati, the first time since being traded. first half, all bengals, what a catch here. he had two td's on the da
with alex witt and welcome to live coverage from democracy plaza. we will be here in 30 rockefeller center in new york city until election day and all through the results night tuesday. we'll have more on that in just a moment. first let's get to what's happening right now. three days until the election. new today president obama looking to close the deal in the crucial battle ground state of ohio. this is from mentor, ohio where the president is just about to speak. we're watching that very closely. before heading to today's event, though, the president visited fema headquarters to get a response to the efforts of aftermath of hurricane sandy. he is sending -- >> we don't have any patience for bureaucracy. we don't have any patience for red tape. and we want to make sure that we are figuring out a way to get to yes as opposed to no when it comes to these problems. >> meanwhile, mitt romney also has his sights on several key swing states today, starting with new hampshire. >> you saw the differences between barack obama and me in those debates. i like those debates. i got to be honest. i m
the nation heads over that cliff, alex. >> mike viqueira, thank you so much for that. on the heels of mike's report, the president says upper income americans are going to have to pay higher taxes. majority leader boehner essentially says that's a non-starter. is this all just posturing and both have an idea where some sort of compromise lies? does it lie in the figure of $250,000 maybe sliding that scale up like 500,000? tim kaine ran on that. he talked about that. he's been elected. so do you think that's where compromise comes, the figure? >> i think the figure could be compromised. but i would also say watch loopholes. we have a story on today that outlines how sort of the speaker and the president are sending signals to each other where they could both claim a win here. closing loopholes, personal loopholes, corporate loopholes, that would raise taxes on some of the wealthy without shifting the rate necessarily. now, i don't know how some of the democrats are going to accept that. but there seems to be some signals that even the speaker has said loopholes. and the preside
from two candidates. on this november 4th of 2012. >>> good day. welcome to "weekend with alex witt." all that plus four fresh battle ground polls and we're joining you live at 30 rockefeller center, headquarters for msnbc's campaign coverage from now until election day. and through results night tuesday. first, this day's headlines. with less than 40 hours to election day a flurry of activity already this sunday. president obama kicked off the day in new hampshire with former president bill clinton. >> so when you ask yourself the question, who is going to fight for me and bring about real change, you know that i know what real change looks like. because i fought for it alongside you. i've got the scars to prove it. i've got the gray hair to show for it. >> after wrap lg up in new hampshire, president obama heads to florida for an event with recording artist pitt bull. he ends his day in colorado with dave matthews. mitt romney kicked off this f d final sunday in iowa with a rally in des moines. >> the question of this election comes down to this. do you want four more years like
the scales collin. we believe has a hot hand. and we'll go with alex. for both our guys. >> alex hadn't played in two and a half weeks. saying never assume anything. but you take a chance with a young, unproven cappernick. the longer you keep alex on the side lines the rustier he becomes when you want to go back with him. >> alex has been fwrai. i mean, our relationship hasn't changed. he's helped me a lot. he helped me a lot last year going through our play book. how we're going to read different things and pro gregss and thing like that. so i mean, he's been a great help to get me to where i am now. >> alex is a class act all the way. that is what we'd suspect. and... be ready to go in and play. and contribute to the team. >> raider was good and bad news today, linebacker held out of practice because of an undisclosed issue that the coach would not elaborate on. he's on the roster but the good news, running back darren mcfadden back in practice for the fis time since spraining an ankle three days ago. >> feels like it's been longer thaint has but just going to see them in the huddle
of felony drunk driving. >>> the two sides have finally resumed talks. alex savage tells us why there is this increased pressure to sign this by next week. >> reporter: good afternoon, this is a very important time for souper markets. a union spokesperson said they agreed to return to the bargaining table. here is a flier urging shoppers to take their business somewhere else. striking workers are discouraging people to shop here. people last week say it seems to have had an impact. >> the place is empty and it has been empty for a while. >> reporter: normally the weeks leading up to this area is a busy time for souper markets and they believe they have agreed to return to the bargaining table. >> there is still enough time to have a successful holiday season. >> reporter: even some who crossed this picket line sounded sympathetic to the workers. >> if we go shopping we will go to trader joes because i really want to help these kids out. >> reporter: 7500 workers have been on strike a week, at rallies and nba hill stores with benefit cuts, a major sticking point. the fact that bo
the 49ers about the quarterback alex smith. if he is going to get his starting job back after his concussion. or if kaepernick will lead the team. that question haazig madyun >> it is the final question and practice before the orleans to play the saints. with coach jim harbaugh passed will it be alex smith? or will it be kaepernick that is wearing the no. 7. the starting quarterback. >> for that information, it is not released. >> is a matter of strategy. as if it will undoubtedly reach the teams opponent. >> there is no competitive advantage for us to release that information. >> i'm sure that one of the two quarterbacks if not both will realize. >> the second player got his first start last week leading the 49ers to an unprecedented win. and alex smith was on the sidelines because of the two-week concussion and his medical condition? alex was examined by doctors before crapractice. >> we should be cleared tomorrow. again, if there is no symptoms. >> i have been here all day that the practice facility to see if there is any clue on with the starting quarterback would be the only
life and his name is alex cross. >> let me see your hands. let me see your hands. put down the gun. put down the weapon now. do it now. is this what you want to die doing? drop the gun? >> there would be no alex cross, of course, without american author and novelist james patterson. his books have sold an estimated 260 million worldwide and writing isn't the only thing that he has dedicated his life to. he sat down and told our nadia bilchik his real passion. >> welcome. it's great pleasure to see you again albeit virtually this time. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. >> so tyler perry has been interviewed great deal recently and he said there's only one reason for doing "alex cross" the movie. it's because of you. for you, why tyler perry? >> one reason is tyler perry. i love working with him. he's talented, devoted, and hard-working. i love alex cross. he's hard-working. unbelievably talented. he says what he's going do. that's why he was terrific in the movie. he went out of character. he did something that was -- that stretched him, which i applaud. and i think that people -- you
some showers thanksgiving. >>> will he or won't he? the answer on alex smith. and could the warrior s avoid losing their third straight at home? woman: oh! tully's. how do you always have my favorite coffee? well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee and even hot cocoa. and you'll always find your favorite. woman #2: with so many choices, keurig has everyone's favorite. i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. >>> with the big man andrew bogut on the shelf, somebody needs to step up for the warriors! things got physical. atlanta's david lee with the tko. and the rookie harrison barnes had a breakout game. cleans up the garbage. 7th overall pick. stefan curry, give and go. and the warriors win 92-88. >>> alex smith is back to practice and reportedly cleared to play monday night against the bears after passing a series of concussion tests. >> they might have to if alex keeps taking shots like that. >> i feel good. i felt good today. everything i've gone through, i felt good. it's really not up
spree. one police officer was wounded during the violence. alex savidge tells us one suspect is still on the loose. good morning, alex. >> san jose police need the public's help this morning to identify and capture that second man involved in this violent string of crimes. police say this pair of criminals shot and killed a driver. they were trying to carjack and you can take a look here and see a memorial is set up this morning with flowers and cards for the victim. identified as rory pediford. one arrest has been made. police believe he and accomplice committed four separate armories and opened fire on officers as they pursued. police have eventually returned fire wounding willbanks and in the end he was taken into custody. but police say willbank's accomplice got away during that shootout and a man hunt is on the way to find him. he is considered a serious threat to the public. san jose police offering a $10,000 reward for any information in this case. later on police will be holding a news conference to update the search in this investigation as they try to find again a second man
's news involving alex smith's concussion status and who will start this sunday against the giants. will it be smith or colin capernick? that will be after the break. ♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. >> alex smith, colin kaepernick, a quarterback controversy especially now that alex smith is healthy again, or appears to be. grant lotus on the 9ers drama and you said a few minutes ago, the 49ers are happy to have very good players at the q- backs. >> they wish they were in this position. you had a decision to make and it certainly looks like at this point the young guy, colin kaepernick is going to get the starting nod against the saints in new orleans. according to sports illustrated, coach reportedly told both players of his decision yesterday, the same day he publicly would not name a starter and still not publicly. meanwhile, espn said alex smith has medically been cleared to play. however, greg roman said th
the early lead. while he was doing the chest bump, a different reaction from alex smith. saints respond with a 10-play drive going 80 yards. brees to thomas. 49ers make a mistake in the 2nd quarter. going back for the punt. he will fumble it. and, they would recover the football. neworleans, now has it at the 11 yard line. then, two plays later. brees, back to pass, he makes him pay. for the 10 yard touchdown and the saints take the 14-7 lead. again, towel over his head after that. sanfrancisco driving late in the 2nd quarter. after a bad snap, he makes a bad throw. robinson, down with the interception. brees has a chance to put the saints up by 2 touchdowns. instead he gives it right back and then some. brooks come down with it. going all of the way to the house. that is a pick six. that was the play of the game. all of a sudden you have a tied game at halftime. and the 49ers coming out strong in the 3rd. now, finding it in the flat. dives in for the touchdown. sanfrancisco up 21-14. ran 19 times for 83 yards. drew brees, mistakes condition. going high here. off of his hands, into the
was named the starter . alex smith took the team to the title game. the bar is set. we have reaction on this decision next in sports. >>> okay, if i am alex smith, i am not a happy camper. i am a team player, but how did i lose my job after taking the 49ers to the nfc title game last year? and now i am a back up to a rookie quarterback with two wins to his credit? jim harbaugh named kaepernick as the starter against the rams. he left the door open saying it was a week to week situation saying never assume anything. you take a chance with a young kaepernick going into the home stretch. we asked him how alex took the news. >> alex has been great. he helped me a lot. he helped mooy a lot last year going through -- he helped me a lot last year. how we are going to read different progressions and things like that. he has been a great help to get me where i am at right now. >> he is a class act all the way. he will prepare and that's what we expect. >> no, you don't say sorry. what you do is pack kaep on the back and say he played great and we will go out to continue to win football games.
,000 veterans find jobs nationwide. >>> for the first time alex smith speaks about becoming second string. >> feel like i haven't done anything. >> storm number 2, coming up, the time line on storm number three and it promises to be just as nasty as the one tomorrow. >> after the break, the government booting out a bay area tradition, what this means for your food prices. >>> a state appeals court up held a conviction of a teacher who pleaded no contest to molesting a student in the 1990s. she filed an appeal following her appeal deal. he sexually abused her when she was a teen. he faces an 8 year prison sentence. >> a classmate of two sisters killed created a website to help the family. they died after their suv crashed on highway 101. her friend launched the site and it raised $6,500. you can find a link on our website, >>> officials have agreed to allow more public airing of its review process. >> the meetings have to be public, noticed. you have to allow for that. we will work with them on that. and i think it will make for a better product. >> he says officials need to
in the face of israel's aggression on its people. alex? >> okay. thank you very much for the latest from gaza. we go from there to israel. nbc's martin fletcher is standing by in tel aviv for us. benjamin netanyahu spoke to the media a couple of hours ago. what did he say, martin? >> he said that they were celebrating in gaz a. he said here israel delivered what he called a massive blow against hamas and gaza, destroying much of the military infrastructure, destroying much of their long-range rockets. he said to the israeli people that he believed the truce is lasting for israel at this time. and those are the critical words, at this time. israel is looking with great skepticism at the cease-fire, waiting to see whether rockets resume, if not now, in weeks, months, and hopefully another round will not occur. but that's everybody's expectation. i want to say to what ayman was saying about the declaration of victory in gaza. the path for victory for hamas is very, very low, and the path for victory for israel is very, very high. israel has much higher demands, a complete stop to all rockets fir
. and interstate-80--and the c h p saying that the least one of the drivers was hurt. >> alex smith or kaepernick? sports a trucker, will break it down after a sports to test- sports announcer-jason will be back after this... ♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. >>jacqueline: this is video of what we have seen in this is the presidio. from a friday morning, as we go towards a saturday more rain fall with gusting winds expected. as for take a look at the satellite & radar mostly clear conditions. the rain has pressed to the east but there is more rainfall for later. this system will move slower than the one the we sought today. the tail end of that seeing some and subtropical moisture with gusting winds and some trusmoisture. notice, south of the golden gate things will stay mainly dry by 11:00 p.m., as the chances of rainfall and the 8:11 a.m.- pad of rainfall and early afternoon in a deep interest a night. the chances of heavy ra
harbaugh is denied reports that he is naming the starting quarterback. because alex smith is still worry that black " no contact " jersey it could be all signs towards kaepernick making his second start. and alex smith still not confirmed. >> there is no definitive realistic advantage to release that information. perhaps if you have information? or opinions, and it is unorthodox, you can come remains or make sport of me. but that is how we're going to go about it. >> the raiders running back,. mcfadden, and richard seymour all declared out for sunday in cincinnati. and lions defensive cannot seem to get out of trouble is not as clear-cut he kicked houston player in the growing. the question of weather or not was this intentional. one of the dirtiest players of the year. she is possibly facing suspensions, funds. >> stanford at ucla in the are in the pac 12 if they have a victory. 14 games and lsu at arkansas. the quarterback throws the touchdown pass to jarvis landry. making that one hand catch of take a look at that it the and is selling. and l a s u.n.'s 20-13. we will take you out wit
on the brink tonight. abc's christiane amanpour and matt gutman in israel. we begin tonight with alex marquardt in gaza city. alex? >> reporter: good evening, david. this was the deadliest day in gaza since this escalation began. in one incident, 11 people were killed, almost all of them from a single family. this as palestinian militants continue firing rockets into israel, the military says almost 1,000 of them so far. the thick smoke of the israeli air strike in one of the most densely populated places on earth. this is the house that was hit. it has now completely collapsed, and it really is chaos around here. two bulldozers, emergency crews, and really anybody around, digging through the rubble, trying to find anybody who survived. the israeli military was target ing a hamas rocket maker and hit a house that wasn't his. those dead included four children and five women. tempers are now flaring. more than 70 palestinians have been killed in the past five days. the wounded number almost 700. earlier in the day, israel struck two buildings with hamas and international media offices. they said
begin with abc's alex marquardt in gaza. good evening, alex. >> reporter: good evening, george. as the death toll soared past 100 today, you could feel the anger growing. gazans are furious over the civilians deaths, but despite the loss of life, they're not backing down. a massive explosion as israeli air strikes pounded gaza today israel, and amidst it all, this, tiny bodies of the dead as they left the hospital today carried through the crowd for their funerals. "we ask all the militant groups to respond to these massacres," this man said. "we shouldn't talk about a ceasefire at all." they were killed sunday by a missile that obliterated their three-story house, killing nine from a single family. israel said it was an accident. in southern israel where our matt gutman is reporting, 3-year-old karen is playing with her tricycle until sirens sound. eight members of malta family huddling together during the explosion. what we think was one of the iron dome missiles intercepted one of the rockets overhead. there was a big boom and, of course, everybody ran right down into the bu
quarterback will start sunday's game against the saints. >> no decision has been made. we're hopeful alex gets cleared tomorrow, and you know, we're confident in both quarterbacks to be on the field. >> sports illustrated is reporting, cleared or not, recovering quarterback alex smith will not start the game. second string quarterbackin cappernick will reportedly be the star after stepping up in an impressive show against the bears. in san francisco fans were in a frenzy. and have stronger opinions about niners. >> this is a team, you go with quarterback who is going to get you there. >> back up quarterbacks, he's young.'e and he's g he'll get a chance again, too. >> people don't know what they're talking about. >> the 49er tells:wtd it like it is. he says the starter as within decided by coachku=oÑ harbaugh. >> i won't question harbaugh. he's been so successful with alex. and i'm sure there is a good communication, positive there, communication between the two of them. it's on the bench there and you might, the doctors may have said something. >> tonight any comparisons to the niners debate
overnight. let's turn to alex perez. >>> we begin with a tragic fire overseas, at least 112 people were killed in a fire at a garment factory in bangladesh, the building has no emergency exits. bangladesh exports most of its garments to u.s. and europe. >>> three maintenance workers were injured after a fire broke out in the state department in washington, the building was briefly evacuated and then reopened. >>> some victims of hurricane sandy are being victimized once again, burglaries have skyrocketed in the area which is among the hardest hit by the storm. >>> a yacht went up in flames off the coast of miami beach saturday. they were rescued by the coast guard. the yacht was partially submerged and will be towed to shore. >>> an oregon man is lucky to be alive after crashing his truck to a guardrail. >>> finally this morning, notre dame has a chance to be national champions again, the fighting irish beat rival usc capping their first perfect regular season since 1988 and earning a title shot in 24 years. most of the guys on the team aren't even 24 years old. they're beyond excited r
quarterback? all of the interest is there because the 49ers are reversed please keeruthless team and alex smith, before you receive that can cut-they're both first place teams. >> the rationale is that we have two quarterbacks that we feel great about as a starting quarterback both have earned its, deserved it. and alex, over a long. a ki time and cullen, it by just recently, and it tipped the scales a:has the hot hand. we will go with calling kaepernick. and we will go with alex. >> earlier tonight we come and join a private moment when we said that week- >> you seemed a little bit agitated with jim harbaugh. >> can i come clean? >> yes. >> in the upper business has changed so much. with the internet, and what we do does not carry the same weight. there used to be people that would cover its four years. they were experienced, they made a good living and there were older. the coaches might respect them more. maybe i am longing for those days. if i am coach jim harbaugh and somebody asks me a personal question i would tell them to go to hell. your wife, your kids, and i would say that list
, alex, as mike just said, what president obama said sound a little bit like a green light for israel to do whatever it takes necessary. what's happening right now is with the army here is doing all it takes to prepare for a ground invasion of gaza. but no order has been given. i'm pretty sure they don't want to give the order. the whole point of these strikes has been to stop the palestinian rocket fire into israel. it hasn't really worked. that's why a ground invasion is still an option. today just about an hour ago a rocket was fired here from gaza to tel aviv where i'm standing. there is a warning hamas still does have this capability. it's been a bitter day and ferocious day of fighting especially earlier on. there were 200 rocket -- air force attacks by israel on gaza just in the early hours of the morning. 200. and they targeted targets they have not aimed at before. this time they went into civilian buildings belonging to the hamas government, symbols of power if you like in gaza. they knocked out the prime minister's office there. his office was totally flattened. that was a
quarterback alex smith to a concussion. a helmet to helmet hit in the back of the head. he was scrambling to the sidelines and got nailed by joelyn dunbar. smith left for the locker room just before halftime. fans are hoping he will be back to the game soon. >> i hope he bit gets better quickly so much of the venture for him. --and cheer for him. >> both the rams and the san francisco 49ers have chances to win the game in overtime. both teams were let down by their kickers. david acres are going slightly to the left missing the upright. later in the overtime. greg zerlin kicked a 53 yds. it was good however the rams were penalized for the lay of game and put them back at the 58 yd attempt. it goes like to the right. fans not happy about the outcome. >> this is america we do not tie. this is not soccer what are we doing here let's play another quarter. >> (cheers and applause) i don't understand why we cannot play another quarter. >> i liked his reaction this is a miracle we do not die. the san francisco 49 as host the bears' next week on monday night football. >> across the nation you con
said, a lot of other news developing overnight. let's turn to alex perez in for ron claiborne on if thun morning. >> good morning, dan. good morning, bianna. good morning, everyone. >>> we begin with a tragic fire overseas, at least 112 people were killed in the fire at a garment factory in bangladesh, workers who made it to the roof were saved. but the building has no emergency exits. bangladesh exports most of its garments to the u.s. and europe. >>> three maintenance workers were seriously injured after a fire broke out at the state department in washington. it started during routine maintenance. the building was briefly evacuated and then reopened. >>> some victims of superstorm sandy are being victimized once again. thieves looted at least three homes in the breezy point neighborhood over the thanksgiving weekend. burglaries have skyrocketed in the area which is among the hardest hit by the storm. >>> an 80-foot yacht went up in flames off the coast of miami beach saturday. three people jumped into the water aboard the boat and were rescued by the coast guard. the yacht w
, as this afternoon goes on, we're going to see the traffic build on this road. about a 10% drop, alex, than they spent last year. >> michelle franzen there. here's a big question. will the weather cooperate for travelers out there? here with the travel forecast to answer that for us is dylan. >> most areas will cooperate. you're just dealing with the traffic as opposed to snow and ice on top of the traffic. the areas where we are seeing the snow have seen snow for the last couple of days. it's around the great lakes. the country is split in half. dealing with cold temperatures, highs today topping out in the 30s and 40s. 45 degrees in chicago and then the southern half warmer in the 60s and 70s. the showers we're seeing back into new york state and pennsylvania is lake-effect in nature. the streams are coming off lake ontario and lake erie. they have already picked up more than four or five inches already since the last couple of days. but we are going to see that be an issue across 90 through new york state and we also have some of those snow showers falling back through wyoming and back i
all knocked out of yesterday's games with concussions. among them was alex smith of the 49ers. how college, high school and children's sports are dealing with this growing concern. damian? >> reporter: raj, the rules are not so different than those of the pros. you get a concussion, you're out of the game. the trainers and coaches we spoke with today say they take this very seriously. scott says he makes sure that helmets his kids wear in his youth football league are safe. >> every year we take them and get them redone by the manufacturer, get them refurbished. >> reporter: this woman takes care of her son on the football field. >> my son is 11 now. he's been playing since he was 6. the first season i was afraid. as time went on he liked it. i saw how the boys were playing and how they were being trained. >> he teaches us to get hurt the least. not your helmet. >> reporter: that's where 49ers quarterback alex smith was hit on sunday, in the head. the coach doesn't know when he'll return after suffering a concussion. woodrow is training so an nfl team can draft him. the former spar
. >>> police investigating a death in oakland overnight and stormy weather may have been a factor. ktvu alex savidge is live near the rock ridge shopping center where a dive team found the body of a man who fell to his death off a steep cliff. alex. >>> authorities believe this man lost his footing. he went out looking for his lost cat behind his house last night and because the weather was wet last night, the ground was wet, he likely slipped and fell off of this steep cliff we will show you here. his house sits at the top of the cliff. he likely fell off of this cliff into this water filled rock quarry that is right behind the shopping center. it's believed that he drowned his body was found earl lid this morning after a five-hour search. a rescue team from the oakland fire department launched that search just after 7:00 last night when the man's friend reported him missing. the man's flashlight was found about halfway down the hill by authorities but there was no sign of the man himself. rescuers put a boat in the water and repelled down the side of the cliff looking for him. eventually t
reporter alex savidge is among the crowds there at the westfield mall in san francisco where the doors open just a short time ago. and alex, everyone squeezing into the stores? >> yeah everyone is inside now. things have calmed down a bit from what we showed you earlier when things opened up here. let's take a peek inside here. check out the mall. a lot of folks. they are out early this morning looking for the black friday deals. in fact, there were quite a few people earlier on who camped overnight waiting to get inside certain stores. that was the scene as hundreds of people pushed their way into the abercrombie and fitch store when they opened their doors up at 5:00 this morning. workers could barely get those doors open. it was a huge crowd that formed outside. people started lining up around midnight trying to take advantage of a sale going on here. a worker told me everything inside the store 25% off although some of the shoppers who showed up here thought everything was going to be half off. so a bit of a discrepancy there. the store was as you can imagine a mad house this morning. s
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